Three Finger Gallery


Three Finger Gallery was established in 2009 as a unique collection of art and artists featuring works in photography and ceramics. Three Finger Gallery is named in honor of its co-founding ceramic artist, Alison Richards.  After being injured in a construction accident, Alison was left with only three fingers on her left hand and her remaining fingers with limited mobility.  Taking up clay as a means of strengthening her hand, she has spent years learning to work around her disability and has created a number of ceramic works. Alison works mostly in the Japanese firing style known as “Raku”.  A metallic glaze is applied to the piece, then it is fired to a red hot state and placed into a large burning can. The lid is then tightly secured causing the flames to seek out the only oxygen source left, the metal in the glaze. This method creates a vivid and unpredictable color palette.

We are also proud to announce award winning photographer, Paul Richards, as the newest addition to and co-founder of Three Finger Gallery Family.  After years of nurturing his craft Paul has created a unique photographic style.  Working mostly in abstracts, he has an affinity for showing nature in a way that it has not been seen before.  Paul Richards works with both vivid color and stark black and white.

Please take the time to look through each artist’s portfolio. All ordering information can be found on CONTACT AND ORDERING INFORMATION.


Welcome to three finger Gallery

From Left To Right:

“Moments in Time” Alison Richards, “Lion of the Deep” Paul Richards (Seattle Aquarium), “Groin Vaulted Cloister” Paul Richards (Henry Fox Talbot’s personal monastery), “Moments in Time” Alison Richards